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Tradition and innovation are key terms that interact directly in a modern company. We’re rightly proud that we have something unique to offer in both disciplines. In 2010 we were able to look back on a 50-year [company history] that records our progress from a small carpenter’s workshop to a globally active furniture manufacturer and designer.

On the road to the market position we now occupy, we have regularly demonstrated our sure sense of innovation and for [products with practical relevance].

As manufacturer and importer of ready-to-assemble-products we offer around 600 different products for all areas of life. You can buy Inter Link products at more than 6,000 [sales outlets] worldwide.

Common goals

We support your [shop setting] and help you to achieve your personal business goals. We join you in the task of giving satisfaction to the end-user.

Volume business

We develop specific [furniture designs]. for volume business. To match them, we supply logistic-oriented packing for reduced-price offers.

Rock-bottom prices

Premium or bonus deals can be offered at absolute rock-bottom prices to match discount stores or super consumer markets. [Interested?]

Models and designs

Our main goal is to always offer our customers new models and [designs]. Different materials for all [living areas], practical, stable, long-living and – of course – reasonably priced.

Worldwide presence

Our quality criteria have led to the fact that ready-to-assemble-products from Inter Link are to be found today in super consumer markets, Do-it-yourself (DIY) building-trade markets, takeaway furniture markets or traditional furniture marketes [worldwide].

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Every new development goes through a careful market analysis and is optimised regard at the expenses of, use and consumer acceptance steadily. The result are pieces of furniture of wood, metal and glass for a wide consumer's layer and all [living areas]!