Factory Brazil

Commitment to Brazil is a key to independence

The decision in favour of our own production plant in Brazil was consistent with our policy and logically correct. With more timber than any other country in the world, Brazil offered us an opportunity to produce furniture at moderate cost but in accordance with our own high standards.

To start a business operation in a rapidly developing threshold country offers the businessman interesting options, but also brings responsibilities in its train. We accepted these willingly, and now have more than 110 employees in São Bento do Sul. This town, in Southern Brazil, is regarded in expert circles as important beyond regional boundaries for its position in the wood processing industry.

For the above period 2016 to 2018, Inter Link do Brasil reduced 221,040 T CO2 eq

The emissions avoided voluntarily are equivalent to planting 1546 trees in a 30-year reforestation project.

Download the certificate as [PDF]

Download the report as [PDF]

Investment plan 2016 for site development

Further investments in Brazil will enhance the performance capability of the factory and quality of the products on a lasting basis.

This will start with investment in a high-tech drilling machine that is taking the place of the two units previously used. It is not only the increase in efficiency and precision that makes the machine so special. Where previously four employees were tied up with preparing for processing with the old machines, now one single employee alone can feed material to the new drilling machine, while simultaneously doubling production.

The resulting increase in capacity and production quality enables a considerable time and cost saving because the remaining employees can be effectively deployed elsewhere in the factory.

Further investments will follow this year, to maintain our factory in Brazil as one of the most up-to-date production facilities with the highest quality level and to continue to boost our high-tech production capacity.

Fastest cross-cut saw from WEINIG for optimisation

To boost capacity and optimise costs, the fastest cross-cut saw for optimisation OptiCut 450 Quantum II by the German manufacturer WEINIG commenced operation at our »Inter Link do Brasil« plant in May 2014.

This once again improves wood quality and also production speed, and quite incidentally optimises personnel costs in order to deliver your orders to you in a service-oriented fashion direct from the manufacturer and »just in time«.

Tripled warehouse capacity

After »Inter Link do Brasil« recorded national sales growth to the tune of 163% in 2013 and our customers wished for further logistics and capacity growth, it made sense to triple warehouse capacities within three months by means of short-term investments. The warehouse was completed and commenced operation in May 2014.

This puts us in a position to place the goods manufactured for you in intermediate storage in line with deadlines before they are shipped to you in containers.

Inter Link in the Shopping TV

The Brazilian Mega TV presents the desktop combination [Furio] for a sensational price in this [Video].


The Inter Link factory in São Bento do Sul, Brazil, operates the very latest technical equipment that is brought up to date regulary.

Seal of quality

Many Inter Link products have been awarded the „GS“ tested safety or the „LGA-tested“ seal as a guarantee of high quality and functional efficiency.


Get an impression about the efficiency of Inter Link’s production in São Bento do Sul by watching the [video]

São Bento do Sul – an exemplary production facility

What is true of this town with 70,000 inhabitants is now equally true of Inter Link SAS. The factory in São Bento do Sul is regarded as a fine example of modern production plant and is regularly visited by classes of trainee carpenters and technical draughtsmen who wish to study its modern manufacturing methods and working conditions. Students from the University of Southern Brazil also visit the factory during their study courses, for other reasons as well as the modern production methods it practices.

An equally admirable feature are the first-class welfare services offered to local employees, which are still far from customary elsewhere in the country.

European standards

We respect employees‘ rights and the ban on child labour or similar exploitation of the workforce. We attach importance to the preservation of nature and protection of the environment, and comply with safety regulations at the workplace and industrial health requirements. Where necessary we are guided by European practice. In the human resources area the link between the executive directors and local management has been assured by appointing a Brazilian General Manager. His qualities, both human and linguistic, avoid the occurrence of friction and help greatly to keep production moving efficiently. This of course is also the task of the factory’s capable, highly motivated workforce.

Capable workforce

The furniture produced here complies with the highest standards and therefore satisfies the high-end criteria of our customers all over the world. Development, design and production are effectively in-house functions within our Group, including the necessary technical drawings and prototypes. This keeps us independent of market changes, to which we can react promptly – a basic Inter Link maxim.

Sustainable! Environmentally compliant! Socially beneficial!

Inter Link SAS is consistently FSC® certified, from the production throughout Europe to you!


Natural. Wood.

Being responsible means ensuring sustainability. For the production of its high-quality products, [Inter Link] focuses exclusively on pine plantations that are cultivated with sustainable techniques as well as on modern, environmentally beneficial production techniques. The customers, too, benefit from these high standards, the [design] and the natural quality.

Time to Mature

The way to become a perfect [natural solid furniture] is a long one: It takes as much as about 30 years from planting a young tree to manufacturing the furniture in our own high-tech production facilities.

The trees have to grow, they are cultivated continuously on the plantation, and their growth is monitored. Finally, they are cut and the plantation is reforested with new saplings. The cycle begins anew.

First-Class Processing

During the subsequent processing, the branches are removed from the trunks, and the latter are cut to size. After that, the residual moisture is eliminated from the wood in first-class drying plants. The wood strips prepared in such a way – most of the branches removed and the wood glued together into panels - are then delivered to the production department. After the rough grinding, depending on the type of furniture, profiles are milled, holes are drilled or the wood is processed with CNC machines. Now, the surface is refined in a modern painting line.

Perfect Refinement

In the German paining line – currently the most modern and state of the art painting line – the surface of the individual piece of furniture is painted with any kind or shade of color and dried afterwards. Then, the parts of the furniture are transported to the packing department, where they are packed, along with many other parts that are necessary for a high-quality piece of furniture, in sturdy cardboard boxes in such a way that they are secure and perfectly protected during the transport.

The production of a beautiful piece of furniture
made of natural wood in an outstanding quality
is an elaborate and challenging process

In order to manufacture superb quality products, the entire dedication and expertise of competent craftsmen is required.

Below, you will learn more about how [furniture made of natural wood] is produced by Inter Link.


The essential and central task is to be fulfilled by the natural wood itself: The pine trees have to grow for a long time on the plantation in order to be industrially processed. As a matter of principle, we do not use wild pines.


Inter Link only uses pines that are cultivated in a sustainable way. Apart from that, it has to be stated clearly that we see each pine tree as a unique and not exchangeable object. This causes us to experience profound fascination when we work with solid pine wood.

Everyone in our [Inter Link] team respects each individual piece of wood. We appreciate its value and feel the power, vitality and the aura inherent to these trees and branches. This is one of the main reasons why we do not dispose of a tree as firewood or wood chips if this is not necessary. We attach great importance to this.


Before the trees are brought to the saw mill, the bark is peeled off with peeling machines. Even the pine needles are used for the production of a variety of oils. The branches are processed to chipboards, MDF or OSB boards. All things considered, we can say that the entire tree is processed completely.

Then, in the saw mill, the trunks are cut into boards with different thicknesses, lengths and widths according to the requirements. This high-speed process is controlled, monitored and carried out by state of the art computer-operated machines.

Drying – the Most Important Process

Drying the wood is at the same time one of the most important and one of the most difficult procedures in the field of solid wood processing. As this is a natural product and as we comply with high quality standards in order to offer our customers a perfect product, this process cannot be forced or accelerated. Thus, certain drying times have to be respected in accordance with the thickness of the wood and the degree of moisture of natural wood. We comply with the guidelines and estimations of designated experts.

However, as a general rule, it can be said that drying wood is a science in itself that requires a lot of expertise. This expertise has been Inter Link’s asset for more than [50 years].

We cannot change nature and its laws. After processing the wood in the saw mill, the wood contains residual moisture of approximately 85-90 per cent. However, we need residual moisture of approximately 10 to 12 per cent for the subsequent processing of the wood.

In order to achieve this value, the Inter Link team dries its wood very slowly and meticulously. In order to achieve the best possible result, the moisture content is monitored constantly and continuously with corresponding measurements. However, it is clear that we cannot unhinge the law of nature.

Thus, it is possible that pieces of furniture may change their shape in a concave or convex direction, that cracks may form or that other alterations may appear in the course of time. In the end, all this provides evidence of the pure naturalness of the material and the authenticity of the wood. Thus, our customers can be sure that they purchased an authentic, economically beneficial material that ensures a natural atmosphere in a beautiful home.

Possible alterations may appear right in the beginning or in the course of time. However, these alterations document the authentic nature of the wood, as wood is working. There is no such thing as dead wood.

During the production process, the individual boards are processed in different state of the art machines. There, individual production steps such as gluing the wood into panels, milling of profiles, drilling or rough grinding and finishing are carried out. In the end, their surface is refined in the painting plant.

The Beauty of a Perfect Surface

A possible way of refinement is the transparent, clear surface treatment in our state of the art UV plant that was developed and produced in Germany.

Another possibility is to match nature with [design]. Here, the living, natural material is transformed into a modern, trendy piece of furniture. We call this white surface »snow«. If the surface is subsequently brushed, we call this »snow-brushed«.

In order to achieve a wide range of varieties, we mix lacquers and colors. This is how we develop new trends in surface treatment. Our success proves us right: In this creative process, new breathtaking natural surface structures are developed again and again.

We do all this together: The teamplayers monitoring the refinement in the surface line work closely together with the final inspection team.

Pure White – A Diamond of Beauty

The white colored surface of Inter Link’s solid pine wood it setting »the« trend in Europe at the moment. Minimalistic, clean, calm, white and straightforward furniture designs are in high demand.

Enjoy your personal, unique piece of furniture, as the wood structure of your piece of furniture is unique worldwide. It is your own personal highlight.

It is good to know that a natural product lasts for generations.