Presence – on all markets

At risk of stating the obvious, a businessman ought keep busy. We’ve taken this to heart and put it into practice every single day.

First of all to the facts: with the aim of supporting our suppliers, employees, dealers and consumers in the task of building up and holding on to a strong position in the furniture market, the Link group maintains a presence at various points around the globe.

Inter Link SAS, the parent company with head offices in Seltz (in the Alsace region of France) controls the [production] of more than 600 [models] for the cash-and-carry market, the young living area, the furniture market, the mail order sector and the e-commerce.

All our activities are governed by the basic principle »Think global, act local«


With about 190 employees the Link Group with the parent company Inter Link SAS sells more than 600 articles which are delivered to more than 6,000 [sales outlets] around the world.


Amongst other things the Link group is head of the [development] and worldwide marketing of children furniture in connection with the popular animated film series »The little King - Macius« which is known in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Range of products

[Ready-to-assemble-products] of wood and metal for many end-users whose taste and prize images – in all living areas – are point-exactly met!

50 years’ experience

On the basis of carefully conducted market analyses every product is subjected to critical scrutiny for cost, benefit and consumer acceptance. As well as our 50-year [experience], our worldwide presence enables us to assess cost structures effectively.

All our furniture [designs] are trend-setting and take the wishes and functional requirements of the end-user into account.

Innovative point of [sale] concepts transmit the Inter Link SAS business approach to trade outlets and thence to the customer.

An attractive partner

Our corporate concept makes every transaction into a commitment to our business partner. The aim is to be the most attractive supplier on the global market. With a first-class added value chain, we can offer attractive conditions to our business associates.

Our [product programme] sets the standards in the quality, design and price areas, and our efficient logistic structures make sure that our products are available without delay.

The same principles apply to all our [locations]: we always draw up realistic targets that we can achieve jointly with you in the future. Our readiness to change things and improve them means that we optimise our [products] whenever the opportunity arises. And we pay close attention to design and quality at every stage of the production process.

We do all this because we have one objective above all:
for our business associates to be satisfied and capable in turn
of achieving their own targets with our help.