Inter Link delivers all over the world.
Punctually and reliably.

The daily challenge: By sea, by air, by road – quite often several forms of transport are needed for products to reach our [sales outlets] worldwide – of which there are more than 6,000. This is no problem: on the contrary, it’s a day-by-day challenge to increase our efficiency.

Connection with
computer systems

Customers can order goods round the clock by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), at the Inter Link SAS Webshop and by other modern EDP-supported methods. Direct EDP links are possible with our customers, using the latest software and goods management systems. We deliver by mixed container or truckload, but also supply containers directly to any customer address.

Storage capacity

Our storage capacity is so large, our response times are short and with our advanced logistic set-up we can get deliveries to our business associates all over the world without any unnecessary delays. All this isn’t quite as easy as it sounds, but it’s what we mean by flexibility – and it’s a key element in customer satisfaction.

Cost efficiency –
Direct purchase of raw materials

The worldwide commodity market not only offers significant potential for cost-saving; availability is also a factor that can promote reliable [production] at all a company’s locations.

In view of these advantages it is not surprising that Inter Link relies on its own know-how in the purchasing area. Planned purchases of materials such as timber, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), glass and steel for the Group’s own factories, a vast range of fittings and even complete products are undertaken by our central purchasing organization, and if necessary shipped on a cross-trade basis. The organization can call upon the necessary excellent knowledge of materials and maintains a high standard of scheduling as well as in-depth familiarity with worldwide crossover logistics.

„Just in time“

Guaranteeing the punctual supply of all the necessary materials is the task of the men and women in the purchasing team. Theirs is a central function, and one for which they often need “nerves of steel”. In much the same way as in the automobile industry, materials must arrive “just in time”, and similar deadlines have to be complied with when delivering finished furniture.

Quality assurance

One of the most important items in our quality assurance procedure is maintaining regular, systematic contact with all commodity markets.

This is just one of the reasons why our central purchasing staff visits all suppliers and trade fairs that could be of importance to our business sector. These are well-proven structures, but we none the less subject them to constant, critical re-assessment. If we accept the motto “The better is the enemy of the good”, we have every reason to question well-established delivery structures and optimize them wherever we can.


Innovations can be generated in any area of a company, and quite often call for developments to existing products.

Sometimes these are sparked off by [customer] feed-back, sometimes they take the form of detail improvements from our own purchasing staff.

A situation that benefits everyone: long-standing customers see the effects of this corporate optimization strategy as stable prices, despite ongoing improvements to the product.

Logistic challenges

The Link Group moves goods all over the world on behalf of its customers. When products sometimes travel one and a half times round the world, effective logistics are the key. The statistics are impressive: every year, for instance, we import up to 3,000 containers, to say nothing of air freight movements.

We organize all this ourselves, from seaport shipment to transport to our warehouses. We put trust in the competent logistic partners who have worked with us for many years.