Inter Link lives up to its name

We link global [raw-material resources], we use high-tech methods when processing them to the best quality standards, we commission ultra-modern [designs] and produce trend-setting contemporary furniture that appeals to modern customers and satisfies their needs.

Are you interested? [We will call you] and answer your questions – or just call us phone

+33 3 88 05 55 50

Merchandising platforms

As one of very few [manufacturers] worldwide, we have operated successfully for many years on several merchandising platforms at the same time:

  • The furniture trade with various merchandising channels, for example takeaway furniture, young living, Internet
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) building-trade markets
  • Mail order and similar companies
  • The Internet with its variety of shopping platforms
  • Discount stores
  • Super consumer markets
  • Specialist retailers

Two decisive factors link the demand profiles in these different trading areas: quality and a sure sense of the customer’s needs. We support you and see ourselves as partners of your interests.

International sales outlets

Products from Inter Link are delivered to more than 6,000 sales outlets on the whole world.

You can buy Inter Link products
in following countries:

Argentinia, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Luxemburg, Maroc, Mexico, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, Sudan, Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Hungary, UAE, USA

Dedicated to
Martin Link
and his team

A business relationship is a partnership

The Link Group enjoys a special relationship with its customers, one with all the elements of a partnership. This tradition, which has been an integral element in our corporate culture [since 1962], is based on the simple fact that commercial business relationships are transactions between partners.

This may be dismissed as a truism by those who know that it is far from normal in a tough day-to-day business climate dominated by cut-throat competition and the struggle for cost advantages. So what steps have we taken to uphold this tradition? Let’s look at a few details of how we put it into practice.

Personal attention

It’s a regrettable practice, but when customers phone in, many companies transfer them mercilessly to a call centre, where they are left to wait their turn in a stack of incoming calls. Both sides lose out: the customer’s time is wasted and the problem may never reach anyone capable of handling it. The company sacrifices something that’s very important: direct contact with the customer. The Link Group values the opportunities offered by [attending personally] to the customer’s needs and wishes.

The competent staff of its in-house sales departments is backed by a reliable field service in many countries. With the skill that comes from 50 years of experience, we maintain a constant presence at the point of sale, monitor the flow of goods and provide support for [sales promotional measures].

Sustainable customer

Building up a long-term relationship with our business associates is another important factor for us. Many business deals run the risk of falling into the category “here today, gone tomorrow”. We aim instead for a contact that grows over the years, and try to promote sustainable factors that promise ongoing success. We ask ourselves whether our customers are getting maximum practical benefit and whether the products can be sold as planned.

Customer orientation is the central focus, and we regard it as an essential element in the business partnership. But for high-quality, intensive communication a common language is needed – at the many trade fairs held throughout the world, and at all other times as well.