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With around 190 employees the Link company group distributes over 600 items over the parent company Inter Link SAS, which are delivered to over 6,000 [locations] around the world. Managed from the company headquarters in the French city of Seltz near the German border these locations of the Inter Link SAS are distributed around the globe.

The design of our trendy furniture, as well as product development and planning, central purchase of [raw materials] and supplier parts up to the final production, is managed by our subsidiary companies in Europe, Asia and Brazil.

Inter Link in the Shopping TV

The Brazilian Mega TV presents the desktop combination [Furio] for a sensational price in this [Video].


We are especially proud of our engagement in São Bento do Sul, [Brazil]. ext to the social responsibility and support of the people in »the« furniture region in Southern Brazil the factory secures independence of production after our quality specifications in the country with the highest abundance of timber worldwide.

Get an impression of the effectiveness of the production of Inter Link in São Bento do Sul in this [video]

Inter Link do Brasil
Indústria e Comércio de Móveis, LTDA


Everything converges in the [headquarters]in the French city of Seltz. From here all developments, from simple drafts over 3D models and production up to the final product are controlled. While the [distribution] is concentrated on the demands of the customers, the inhouse marketing department takes care of attactive publications and marketing activities.

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