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Wood lives

You have decided to buy a furniture of solid wood – a natural product. You can observe the wood genuineness through the knots and the several grains, which are called »Years Rings«. The »Years Rings« which partially have a red- brownish colour show you the age of a tree.The wood nature and its advantageous features lend each piece of furniture a conotation of an uniqueness.

We would like to inform you
about further caracteristics
of the wood

Wood can retain and release water and heat - what means that the wood modifies itself according to the environment conditions and weather.If the weather is humid the wood absorbs water and expands.On the contrary, if the weather is dry, the wood releases water and it shrinks automatically. The alterations in the wood depend on the climate and can affect the dimensions of your piece of furniture.

Although the woods quality is choosen carefully, the alterations in the wood can lead to strains due to invisible connation or natural grown runs of grains.If a piece of furniture is exposed to humidity on one of its sides (what can happen during transport as well) this side can warp becoming a concave or convex surface. To obtain the usual and correct form of your piece of furniture, you can set convex sides against each other for some days and store them in a room with room normal room temperature and humidity. The wood will recede and obtain the former shape again.

If your piece of furniture has expanded or shrinked for one of the reasons mentioned above, some small cracks, light scratches or unevenness can appear on the surface or edges of the your piece of furniture.Nodes, intergrowths, different runs of grains, colour, and variety of composition are signs for unique features of a natural grown material. This should be no reason for an objections or complaints.

Your piece of furniture is covered with a light varnish layer used to protect the wooden surface and its natural appearance.Since you have bought a stained piece of furniture you shold be aware of eventual colour variation caused by the nature of the wood.Solid wood absorbs the stain according to its grains and therefore you will have different colours in your piece of furniture, what should not be a cause of objections or complaints.

To reduce the effect of the caracteristics listed, you should pay attention to the room temperature and humidity. Solid wood furniture have to be stored or kept in a room with a temperature between 20 - 22°C and air humidity between 40 – 50 %.

Care instructions

  • Furniture made of wood, glass, steel or MDF and coated surfaces: It is best to care for your furniture with a slightly damp duster or with a little furniture polish (commercially available everywhere; please read the instructions for use). If you wipe your furniture occasionally with a damp cloth, please don’t forget to rub it afterwards with a dry, soft cloth.
  • Steel furniture: The metal surface is covered with a protective coating. This coating can present small differences in colour, clouds or stains due to mechanical manufacturing processes, which don’t constitute a reason for a complaint. In case metal parts have been bent slightly during transport, you can bend them back carefully to their original position. Screws should not be over-tightened and retightened from time to time.
  • MDF and coated surfaces: MDF consists of wood fibres. Please do not use a knife or sharp objects on coated surfaces, as this can cause damage. Damages caused that way do not constitute a reason for complaint.

If any edges or corners are a little sharp due to the machine processing of the edges or surfaces, they can be sanded with commercially available sand paper. Please proceed carefully in order to avoid removing too much material.