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Here you can find well coordinated and complete individual measures which you can use as permanently present or as a temporary highlight. Costs in this category only incur in relation with the pure value of goods which is a component of some activities, as for example it is with the promotion pallet. With these suggestions you can get a [support] that considers your individual needs optimally, because nearly all measures are formed in close dialogue with you.

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Container direct sale

A noticeable truck container will be furnished with a selection of products chosen by you, unloaded at the location you wish and you can sell furniture directly from the truck. Preannoucement posters that call the attention to the container direct sale and which feature a section in the lower third, where you can enter the duration of the container direct sale yourself, will attract customers.

The frequency in the market will be increased by sensational price offers and leads to your image gain: Something is up at your shop! The subconscious manipulation of the final consumer by the sight of the container will create an extreme occasional nature: Grap something now!

Promotion pallet / pallet street

This is how you market an area! A finished Euro pallet with our products will be positioned on your market and creates occasional nature and by that spontaneity of the final consumer (bargains, create impulse purchases). By a very noticeable promotion display with the eye-catcher function you can achieve a high turnover on a small space (measurements of a Euro pallet 120 x 80 cm).

The explanation of the product or products takes place by premium product carton stickers (WKA) and the noticeable promotion display. The products chosen by you will be accessible from different sides. The attractive presentation is easily combined with a ceiling hanger.

Rack street / furniture street

It depends on the marketing! Nearly 50 m of streets offer an enormous competence and high area profitability. Your profit is generated in the rack-furniture-street by showing built furniture and it convinces even sceptical final consumers who cannot imagine the look and quality of the goods. The professional support by our field staff will ensure a fast and smooth execution.

Market furnishing /
sample furniture

At your request we will plan your market furnishings with our furniture. You will receive a sophisticated concept that will use your presentation space (exhibition space) optimally and will simplify the decision-making by the customer through built furniture samples. Due to previous inspections of the condition and quality of the goods possible returns by the customer are reduced.

Promotion desk

On a sturdy long-term solution made from solid wood catalogues / brochures will be attached to the desk surface and serve as immediate information to the customer. The attractive presentation of the catalogues and brochures will facilitate additional profit by commission orders, because products not on stock will get to the customer this way more easily. The catalogues and brochures will show that the assortment is available for the longer term, which will generate planning security and an additional purchasing incentive for the customer. A positive influence on the market ambience will be created.

Ceiling hangers

Large-sized ceiling hangers with product depictions or slogans that create purchasing incentives can be used in all activities. A sturdy hard foam sheet as support material will ensure a high visibility without deforming the ceiling hanger and will draw the attention of the final consumers to certain product areas and offers. By indicating the possibility to combine different products and price offers the orientation in the market will be facilitated and impulsive buying decisions (impulse purchase) will be promoted.

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