Sales promotion

The shop-in-shop concept

Create with us an eye-catching shopping atmosphere in your display (area) with extraordinary furniture which can be perfectly combined. All pieces of furniture are unique - manual production gives them their personal touch. Natural timbers of different variations are combined with metal or glass and as a result turn into individual unique creations.

The new shop-in-shop concept helps you to open people's eyes.

Individually manufactured furniture!

Trendy furniture in state-of-the-Art shabby look design.

Our „PIM“

For Internet, mail order or traditional outlets: the Link Group offers its customers a highly professional Product Information Service in (German, English, French, Portuguese or any other language) hochprofessionellen PIM (Product Information Management). This PIM service reduces our customers’ advertising costs enormously. PIM means:

  • an extensive picture service for each product
  • creative copywriting
  • product promotion
  • detailed product picture material

In our view: A professional partner today should offer customers this service.

The advantage for our customers

The advantage of this all-embracing service offer are self-evident: a considerable financial saving for our customers and shorter throughput times with all the product information available in good time, so that articles come off the shelves more quickly. Our service has two very real advantages: Faster turnover of articles in stock, and no unnecessary expenditure of time and money on in-house advertising productions.

Logistic service –
direct despatch to the customer

Just part of our service: direct despatch to the end-user’s home address within 2 – 4 days. We use a parcels service or, if the articles are large or heavy, a freight carrier.

We attach the address label and include your delivery note and invoice.

„24 hour salesperson“ – sticker on product carton (WKA)

Your customers are supplied with easily read key information that may tip the balance in favour of a sale:

  • white carton with coloured carton label
  • all information visible on top and sides of carton
  • important information is kept simple and well presented: EAN code, article number and dimensions of the furniture
  • mood-making images (large and smaller versions): furniture with décor, brief explanation of product or advertising copy
  • high-value packaging and convincing information justify your higher selling price
  • unified design / corporate design (CD) of products (product groups) shows which items belong together
  • effective recognition by the end-user
  • non-verbal dialogue with end-users

Seals of quality

For you and your customer, there are convincing reasons to choose us:

  • LGA-/TÜV tested
  • Made in Germany
  • Colour Tested
  • IFM Design

Picture service

Professional picture service – another customer benefit! We have product illustrations that will suit your needs exactly. We supply photographs in the correct resolution, colour range and data format.

  • furniture in decor ambience
  • functional descriptions
  • detail images
  • pictures without background

Text service

We can offer summaries, facts and end-user copy in a whole series of languages!

„To advertise costs money, not to advertise costs customers“

Compiling brochures for
customers and end-users

Our competent in-house marketing department produces catalogues, brochures, posters, advertisements and much more besides – from the initial idea through the conception to the finished print material. Always with the emphasis on tangible benefits for you.

  • all our catalogues are available in a PDF version
  • the main catalogues contain our complete product programme and are planned to remain valid for a long time
  • design and content are aimed to appeal to the end-user
  • the Inter Link field service brings you the necessary number of catalogues, or they can be delivered free of charge by carrier if preferred
  • this material is not aimed only at impulse buyers. The catalogues are evidence that the product programme will remain available for a long time, so that intending customers can plan their purchases more effectively

trading – our
pays off

  • Thanks to our lengthy experience we can satisfy all your drop-shipping requirements in the e-commerce area
  • Inter Link SAS is ready when you give the go-ahead. We have everything accessible: as soon as we send you the electronic data, your turnover will take off
  • Marketing in your online shop is your task, the rest is ours

Packing for shipment,
assembly instructions
and service

We ship our products in strong packs to resist possible damage. Each carton contains easily understood assembly instructions in the form of drawings, an information sheet with care instructions and an after-sales service form in case any queries arise.

Items on stock

We always maintain a stock of about 600 items for all living areas that are in strong demand on the Internet. This means in practice that more than 400,000 cartons of furniture are in stock at any time! We also offer your customers a rapid spare part supply and repair service. Our unrivalled order turnaround makes us the first choice for Internet commerce.

EU design patents /
utility patents

Our new-product policy is quite clear: we apply for design protection in Germany or the EU before the market launch is due. This protects the trade against illegal copies and distortion of the market, and helps to keep dealer margins and product programmes stable.

We offer the ultimate marketing package

As you can see, we never cease in our efforts to protect intellectual property as effectively as we can. Apart from purely legal aspects, this responsible approach to the topic helps to ensure long-term sales revenue by guaranteeing that today’s turnover will also be secure tomorrow. We know that product and brand piracy is getting more brazen all the time and has to be combated. As you know, inventors have sharp brains: it’s better to react now than later.

Would you like
to take advantage
of our PIM-service?

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